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We are an international, independent distributor of electronic parts and components.
By procuring discontinued and excess stock, we support our customers in bridging production bottlenecks and in procuring hard-to-find components quickly and easily.
In addition, we offer our customers special purchases that are currently not available from conventional sources.
Our customers include industrial companies and commercial customers of all sizes from a wide variety of industries worldwide.
We pay attention to a permanently high quality standard with regard to the selection of suppliers, the control of deliveries and the handling of electronic components.
Special procurement
Fast alternative electronic component purchasing solutions to meet your component needs.
We bundle conventional and alternative procurement channels for electronic components and are thus your gateway to the entire world market. Thanks to structured research, we are able to achieve above-average search results within a very short time, even for components that are currently not available via conventional distribution channels.
Managing excess inventory the easy way
We offer you the opportunity to market your overstocks globally and profitably for you
  •  through the direct purchase of individual positions as well as extensive stocks
  •  Lean corporate structure and flat hierarchies enable a quick and flexible response
  •  we operate as an extension of your business to market your items worldwide
We value sustainability very highly
We act ecologically, socially and efficiently in the interests of society and the environment
Quality and Reliability
Satisfying you as a customer is what motivates our actions.
We pay the greatest attention to long-term customer relationships based on mutual respect and trust. Our focus is on customer satisfaction and the continuous improvement of our services.
We know how important it is to deliver flawless products that meet your requirements on time. This attitude is supported by our efforts in the quality management system according to DIN EN ISO 9001.
KroneX Distribution GmbH
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